This meal coupon can be purchased for 2000 yen and be used at popular selected pubs and restaurants in Beppu. This system will allow you to experience various kinds of local food at popular places in Beppu and also comes with a drink (beer, soda, etc.) 

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How to use the “Harapeko” meal coupon.

1, Purchase the “Harapeko” meal coupon.

The “Harapeko” meal coupon can be bought at participating shops. (2,000 yen)
Any number of coupons can be purchased.
The ticket will be invalid half a year after the purchase date.
The shops that sell the “Harapeko” coupon will be marked with the “Harapeko” seal to make it easy to identify.

→Shop list selling the coupon

2, Choose the shop you want to go to.

Look at the list of the shops on the homepage and decide were to eat for the day.
Please keep in mind the shop’s closing time and closing days
Sometimes it is not possible to dine at the shops when they are fully booked for the day or when there is a sudden closing day.

→Shop List

3, Go to the shop.

Look at the map on the Harapeko homepage and go to the shop.
On the front of the “Harapeko” participating shops there will be a noticeable seal to indicate that it is a participating shop.
You can’t use the “Harapeko” meal coupon at shops without the seal.

4, At the shops please show the staff the “Harapeko” meal coupon.

After handing over the coupon, even if you do not understand Japanese, the staff will bring you the food and a drink that they have prepared. (Please feel at ease when dining)
The food is sometimes different from the photo on the homepage or on the leaflet depending on the season and weather. Please keep this in mind.

5, Enjoy the food!

If you use the Harapeko meal coupon, you don’t have to pay the normal table fee that most Izakayas charge.
If the food is good, let’s say the word “UMA!”
If you want to drink or eat more, feel free to order more at the shop’s normal prices.

Let’s have more fun with everyone and make the atmosphere more enjoyable!
Izakaya word challenge glossary

If you click here the PDF file will open.

※A Convenient app「Yamaha hospitality guide」

If you download and use this App「Yamaha hospitality guide」just before you arrive at one of the Harapeko affiliated shops a notification will be sent to your phone.

→You can download the「Yamaha hospitality guide」on this page.

Manner of Izakaya

How to Enter

At evening, we say “Konbanwa” vo! in Japanese. Please try to say OSN this greeting when you enter a restaurant. Whenever you enter a room with tatami mats or a floor room called “Zashiki”, you are requested to take your shoes off. Please never enter those rooms with your shoes on.

How to Take a Seat

After you are guided to a table and seated, a wet towel and a glass of water will be served at free of charge. A towel offered before a meal is a towel to clean your hands with. Please refrain from bringing it home.

How to Select Menus

Please select a drink first from the menu since a staff will usually ask you a drink order first. All food menus are described in English so please be sure to check the ingredients to prevent allergen or anything you cannot eat.

How to Order

Please order using the number or the name of food. If nobody comes to your table, please call a staff saying “Sumimasen” in Japanese.

Drink and Appetizer

When drinks are ready for all the members, Japanese people make a toast saying “Kanpai” for cheers and clink glasses each other. Please try Japanese way. Also kindly understand the small appetizer dish called “Otoshi” includes the table charge.

Enjoy Dishes

When the food is brought to your table, start eating after saying “Itadaki-masu” in Japanese. If you cannot use chopsticks well, please do not hesitate to ask a staff to bring forks and spoons.

How to Make Additional Order

Feel free to call a staff whenever you want to order more dishes and drinks. You do not have to make a payment every time you place an order as you are requested to pay all the charges when you are leaving the restaurant.

How to Make a Payment

When you finish eating and drinking, it’s time to make a payment. Please call a staff and say “I am ready to pay” or “Okaikei wo Onegai Shimasu” in Japanese.

When You are Leaving

Please check that you have everything with you when you are leaving the table. If you leave something there, you will probably be able to get it back in Japan if you ask for lost and found afterwards.

How to Go Back

Please try to say “Gochiso-sama-deshita” in Japanese when leaving the restaurant.

Q & A

Q. Can I exchange money or pay in my home currency at an Izakaya restaurant? •
Can I use my credit card?

A. In Beppu, you cannot get your money exchanged at a hotel, inn, bar nor restaurant. Payment can only be made in Japanese yen. Please check before entering a bar since only a few bars/restaurants accept credit cards.

Q. How can I pay Japanese consumption tax?

A. At Japanese restaurants & bars, there are two types of price indication for foods & drinks. One is a price including consumption tax, the other one is price not including consumption tax. If the price does not include the tax, you will be charged the total amount plus 8% of consumption tax. * Late at night, you might pay additional midnight charge.

Q. May I bring my kids to Izakaya to have dinner?

A. Yes, sure. No problem. But the minimum legal drinking and smoking age is 20. No alcoholic beverage can be offered to any underage customer.

Q. May I smoke everywhere?

A. In some restaurants & bars, smoking areas are separated from non-smoking • areas. Before smoking, please be sure to ask restaurant or bar staff to check non-smoking time. Smoking rules are described in the menu, too.

Q. We are not sure how to get back to our hotel after drinking alcohol. What do you recommend?

A. If it is too far to walk back to your hotel or inn, taking a taxi will be the best choice. Please do not hesitate to ask restaurant or bar staff to arrange a taxi for you. (Extra fare will be added after 22:00.) Drunk driving is prohibited by law. Never drive a car after drinking alcohol.

Q. Do we need to tip?

A. There is no tipping culture in Japan, so there is no need to tip in any occasion. When you receive good service, just tell them “Thank you” or “Arigato Gozaimasu” with a smile.